A Guide to Holiday Dental Hygiene

Wow, the holidays are almost here! Christmas cheer, festive décor, quality time with family and friends, and plenty of tasty food are the main attractions.

Just a friendly reminder to keep your teeth and gums healthy before indulging in all those delicious Christmas foods. The holidays and all that delicious food don’t have to ruin your pearly whites.

Avoid Excessive Candy Use

The detrimental effects of sugar on teeth are well-known. The tooth’s hard protective surface, enamel, gets eroded by sugar. Cavities are more likely to form in teeth with weak enamel.

 Avoid sugary drinks with carbonation and sticky, hard, or chewy candies. (Yes, mints and candy canes are part of this!) To reduce the number of bacteria on your teeth, brush, and floss immediately after eating sweets if you do engage.

Eat Teeth-Healthy During the Holidays

Oral hygiene is more than luck; it may be achieved with a diet rich in foods that are good for your teeth and gums. After all, you do want to treat yourself a bit around the holidays, so indulging in a cookie or two shouldn’t kill you.

Just remember to include foods that are good for your teeth too! Vegetables, particularly carrots, make great snack foods!

Never Crack Open a Nut With Your Teeth

Your teeth aren’t cut out for cracking nutshells. Nutcrackers were designed for this same purpose! Mistakes involving teeth cracking can be both painful and costly if they go wrong.

Keep Up With Your Regular Dental Routine

People living in Florida maintain good oral hygiene before dental implant treatment nokomis fl and requires the same twice-daily ritual as any other time of year: brushing and flossing. It could be less thrilling and engaging than the rest of your Christmas plans, and it could throw off your routine.

But if you want your teeth to stay healthy throughout the holidays, you need to make sure you brush and floss every day! Your gums and teeth will be grateful if you can spare a few more minutes each day to brush and floss.

Opt for Lighter-Colored Beverages

Juices, red wine, and drinks with dark colors can stain teeth quite well. If you want your teeth to remain whiter for longer, especially during the holidays, avoid drinking anything with a dark color and instead go for something lighter or clear.

Save an Extra Toothbrush and Mouthwash Set

A portable tooth-cleaning kit is useful for times when you don’t have time to floss first thing in the morning or after eating too much dessert.

In case you feel the need to brush your teeth after eating, it’s a good idea to have a small toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in your purse or vehicle. Additionally, it facilitates the removal of holiday food debris that becomes lodged in the teeth.

Water is Your Best Friend

Your health can get lots of benefits from drinking water. Your teeth will thank you for drinking water, which has additional health benefits for your skin and digestive system. The new bacteria that cause cavities can be washed away. For better dental cleaning greensboro nc, North Carolina people bring a water bottle to all of their meals and snacks.


Did you know that the suggested interval between dental exams is around every six months? Just don’t let the holidays slip by without attending your scheduled six-month evaluation and cleaning.