Things you should know about “Amazon Attribution” (Beta)

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Amazon Attribution is a free marketing tool that enables brand-registered sellers to assess the effectiveness of their outside marketing initiatives. This tool gives sellers in-depth data and insights so you can learn more about the non-Amazon marketing channels that are most effective for your company. You can quickly assess the effectiveness and return on investment of display, search, social, video, and email marketing using attribution. You’ll learn important information about how your buyers find, investigate, and buy your products on Amazon using that data. The difficulty of Amazon sales attribution has one more level. “Amazon Attribution” is a new tool that Amazon has published.  You can Go Now to Amazon website to know more about attribution tags.

How to use Amazon Attribution?

Any seller who employs Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products Ads is aware of how crucial it is to regularly monitor ad campaigns to make sure they are yielding a profit. As a seller, you depend on the information Amazon provides you to decide on keywords, bids, and your overall budget. However, you might not be getting the whole picture of your marketing initiatives. In order to avoid wasting money on Facebook or Google ads that may or may not be effective, it’s essential to have performance statistics for all of your campaigns that you conduct outside of Amazon. Prior to Attribution, it was incredibly challenging to monitor the success of an off-Amazon promotion.

With Amazon Attribution, you can:

  • Measure

Recognize which advertising platforms are most successful at generating interest in and sales of your Amazon products. Previously, if you conducted on- and off-Amazon marketing campaigns and sold 200 products in a month, you would be able to appropriately identify the, say, 100 sales that were from your PPC sponsored advertisements. The origins of the final 100 clients would, however, remain a mystery. You would have known exactly where the other 100 consumers came from and the route they took to make their purchases if you had had access to a technology like Amazon Attribution.


Find out which audience methods improve the performance of your campaign so that you can concentrate on the external advertising efforts that are effective and discontinue the ones that aren’t.

  • Plan ahead

Learn which types of language and visuals your target audience prefers so you can create a marketing strategy for your company and make plans for upcoming advertising campaigns.

You can get all the conversion metrics you require with attribution:

  • Rates of click-through
  • Impressions
  • Views of detail pages
  • Number of “Add to Carts” transactions attributable to each advertising channel
  • Overall sales

Why you should promote your Amazon items to outside audiences?

You need to find alternative strategies to get qualified traffic to your listings as Amazon grows more competitive and sponsored ad rates climb. More visitors equals more purchases, but don’t anticipate massive amounts of organic traffic. You should actively seek out new customers by running advertisements outside of Amazon rather than relying on them to discover your products there on their own. We advise starting right away if your listings are fully optimized and have a respectable conversion rate.